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in the thread of oedipus (au fil d'oedipe) 
an attempt to unravel the myth

The story of Oedipus is the one of a man who doesn’t know who he is ...

Well before his birth, an oracle predicted to his father Laios, King of Thebes, that he was to be killed by his very own son. To evade this curse, the King and the Queen abandoned Oedipus far away from their kingdom. A shepherd found the child and offered him to the King of Corinth who raised the child as his very own son without ever disclosing the secret of his true origin.

When the oracle finally reveals to the young Oedipus that he will murder his father and his mother’s lover, he runs away from his adopted home hoping he may escape his fate. But actualy, he gets closer and closer to it…


The stage is empty, windswept. The arrow fired from its maker launches the infernal machinery into motion. A raft falls apart on the ground. We embark on a journey, an unknown voyage, a wandering.

Nevertheless, our Oedipus does not allow himself to be manipulated.

Headstrong, a fierce fighter, often short tempered, he fights for his survival. He vehemently refuses his fate ready to send his puppeteer overboard. We imagine an Œdipus who rocks in anger rumbling like a storm. We propose a killer thriller filled with humor.

Oedipus, the puzzle decoder unravels his own mystery. He is at once the detective and the murderer.

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Premiered in 2009

All Audiences  from 12 years old

Duration : 80 min

Director: Camille Trouvé and assistant Saskia Berthod

On the raft: Brice Berthoud, Piero Pepin, Sébastien Cirotteau, Jonas Coutancier

Stage manager : Yvan Bernardet


Around the raft:

Script : Brice Berthoud

Construction of marionettes : Camille Trouvé

Stage Design: Dorothee Ruge and Brice Berthoud

Musical Composition: Piero Pepin in collaboration with Wang Li

Lighting Design: Gerdi Nehlig

Stage Construction: Salem Ben Belkacem, Jaime Olivares

Costume Design: Severine Thiebault

Sound advisor : Antoine Garry

With the invaluable collaboration of : Einat Landais, Magali Rousseau, Nelly Adnot, Armelle Marbet, Morgane Dufour, Stephane Laplaud and Valentine Canto Martinez.

Administration: Lena Le Tiec

Tours Production: Pascal Marsilly


This performance is dedicated to Gerdi Nehlig who created the character Capt’aime.

Thoughts for : Krassen LUTZKANOV

Une Coproduction : Théâtre 71 Scène Nationale de Malakoff, TJP Strasbourg Centre Dramatique National d’Alsace, Comédie de l’Est Centre Dramatique Régional d’Alsace de Colmar, Equinoxe Scène Nationale de Châteauroux ,Théâtre Gérard Philipe Scène Conventionnée de Frouard.

Compagnonnage : les Clandest'Ifs 

Soutien :  Théâtre  Paul  Eluard  de  Choisy  le  Roi,  Service  culturel  de l'AME, Zaman Production.  

Avec le soutien de la DRAC Ile-de-France – Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, et l'aide à la création de la Région Centre.

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Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
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Au fil d'Oedipe

Au fil d'Oedipe
Au Fil d'Oedipe
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