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« my life ? it would take a poet to tell it »   

                                                                             C. CLAUDEL

the dream that was my life 
(du rêve que fut ma vie)

based on letters and Correspondence written by CAmille Claudel.

Woman, artist, muse and rebel. We weren’t quite done with Camille Claudel...


After "Les Mains de Camille", a puppet play exploring the artist’s childhood, her ties to her family and contemporaries, here we delve into the brilliant sculptress personal correspondence. We have put together a portrait of Camille Claudel based on everything from the provocative libertarian missives of her Parisian youth to the letters never sent from the mental home where she spent the last thirty years of her life, but also on her silences, on what she left unsaid.

If ‘correspondence’ denotes an epistolary exchange, what do we call letters sent with no hope of receiving a reply? Among her trials and tribulations over time, we learn to read between the lines, advancing word by word, decrypting  her remarks to art dealers and bailiffs, her love letters and threats, to try to comprehend the moments when she lost and regained her reason.            

Premiered in 2014

All Audiences FRom 14 years old

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Story : Camille Trouvé and Brice Berthoud

Acting/puppeteering : Camille Trouvé

Music : Fanny Lasfargues

Stage design and layout : Brice Berthoud assisted by Jonas Coutancier             

With the invaluable collaboration of Saskia Berthod

Costumes : Severine Thiebault

Construction assistant : Magali Rousseau

Stage lighting : Nicolas Lamatière

Duration :  60 min

Co-production : Equinoxe –Scène Nationale de Châteauroux. 

With the great support of Les Quinconces - l’Espal, Scène nationale du Mans.

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Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
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Du Rêve que fut ma vie

Du Rêve que fut ma vie
Du Rêve que fut ma vie - Les Anges au Plafond
Lire la vidéo
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