Since 2007, the company has created and developed a hub in order to pass on their artistic knowledge in puppetry and to create collective think tanks to talk about and deal with the issues and themes at stakes in its plays. This hub is composed of professional actors-puppeteers and plastic artists, who, on top of transmitting their arts and skills, put human relationships at the core of their work.

Workshops are given all year long to students, non-professional or professional artists. They focus on shadow and Paper Theater, production and manipulation of forms from paper and pop-up to crafted puppets.

Les Anges au Plafond are also committed into cultural programs which aim at breaking social or cultural barriers between audiences and theater (education in Prison, Hospitals or medico-educational institutes).


Brice Berthoud and Camille Trouvé have also been teaching at the ESNAM (National Superior School of the Arts of puppetry), since 2015.

More than 500 hours of workshops & internships are provided each season.

Please check regularly our website, to see the list ...