"I say no because I don't have enough reasons to say yes"


an attempt to unravel the myth

It is near the end of a fratricidal cruel war in the city of Thebes. At the head of each army, the rival brothers have been fighting for power to no avail. Both of them die and the city remains without a leader. To reestablish order, Creo the new king of Thebes decrees an arbitrary law: only one fighter shall gain title as hero while the other shall be considered a traitor whose remains will be cast off on the battlefield at the edge of town. The wrath rumbles on but the people of Thebes remain silent. Only Antigone dares to object.


Bringing Antigone to life today offers a voice of contestation. Antigone is stubborn, quasi-dumb and obtuse. She protests. Not easy to manipulate such a character.... Antigone denies all that is arbitrary. Without negotiation or compromise she disobeys the law if it is unjust. What begun as an abuse of power gives rise to the seed of authoritarianism?


So, today Antigone tells the story of this type of rebellious woman.                   

In our story, a wall symbolizes the arbitrary law decreed by Creo. A great wall that reminds us of the fortification of Thebes where lay behind it Polynice’s remains without burial. Prohibited, this impenetrable border separates Good and Evil, peaceful and hostile nations, civilized citizens and barbarians... It also represents a psychological barrier, the kind that shape minds to lack understanding of the world and instill fear in one another.


Neglecting to comprehend the genesis of this historic problem, Antigone is a reminder of our untamed nature charging forth readily sending the puppeteer into the decor.


In the heart of the stageCamille  TROUVE,  Jessy CAILLAT,  Martina  RODRIGUEZ and Sandrine LEFEBVRE alternates with Veronica VOTTI

Under the pen and wings of Writer & Director: Brice BERTHOUD

Construction and mastering of puppets : Camille TROUVE

Music : Sandrine LEFEBVRE et Martina RODRIGUEZ

Design & production: Brice BERTHOUD et Dorothée RUGE

Lighting Design: Gerdi NEHLIG

Decors: Olivier BENOÎT, Salem BEN BELKACEM

Costumes : Séverine THIEBAULT

Tour manager: Philippe DESMULIE

Thanks for their precious helpEinat  LANDAIS,  Magali  ROUSSEAU  et  Véronique IUNG. 

all audiences from 10 years-old

premiered in 2007

Duration 1h20

Coproduction Théâtre   71   Scène   Nationale   de Malakoff,   Le TJP – Centre dramatique national Strasbourg-Grand Est, le Sablier Ifs - Pôle des Arts de la marionnette en Normandie, Centre  Marcel  Pagnol  de  Bures-sur-Yvette,  Théâtre  de Corbeil-Essonnes,   Théâtre   du   Chaudron   Cartoucherie   de   Vincennes.   Ce spectacle a reçu l'aide à la création de la DRAC Ile-de-France.



Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond